Akshar Health Care, one of the leading names in the Health Care industry, is always on the lookout for skilled and qualified staff to add to its numbers. Our aim is to cater to patients and ensure they have the best care possible. As a growing practice, Akshar Health Care is seeking applications for employment from duly certified and experienced family doctors, specialist pediatricians, nursing staff, front-office receptionists, clinic pharmacists, patient care assistants and administrative and operational staff.

If you are a dedicated professional and want to be of service to the community, you will fit in very well with us at Akshar Health Care.

Please fill up the Career Form below to express your interest in being one of us at Akshar Health Care.

Worklife at Akshar

Working at Akshar Health Care is like being at home. The staff members treat you like family and provide a close-knit work environment. We have the latest technology at our service which enables us to excel individually, but our physicians and coworkers believe in team work and respect each other.

We offer our staff with industry competitive compensation and benefits, but our focus is on the staff member's life as well. At Akshar Health Care we understand the need for work-life balance and so our positions are also flexible as per the needs of the staff and the timings of the clinic. This means that you can choose your work hours as per your schedule, while ensuring that our practice at Akshar Healthacre is not affected.